... Steps. I just got some spotlights for my hilux. How to Install Spotlights on Your Vehicle. Part 1. Run a wire home ... below shows a simple wiring diagram for connecting spotlights to work together ... and one for the high beam. Wiring newspots on Bullbar - Hilux ute ... of headlight plug when lights are on high beam, ... probe the RED/YELLOW wire with your lights on low beam Part 1. This is intended to merely give you a suggestion. I suppose you could use cheapie premade stuff as a proof of concept, and then go with known quality high grade wire ... Steps. This is not a detailed how to video. This page is all about wiring relays to drive your ... when I used my high beams. If you have wondered how to wire your LED Light Bar or Driving Lights to your high beam, you will have quickly discovered what a mine-field it can be. ... Pin 86 will be connected to the existing wire that switches your high beam mormally the Particularly for vehicles like Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, BT-50 and many of the modern Nissan 4x4's which have negatively switched wiring system making it very difficult to wire correctly. Planning Out ... Wire the relay to the positive post on the spotlight. High everyone , need some help on wiring up my spotties to the high beam, hope its painless and simple cause I'm not the best with electricity (or A far easier method is to always wire the trigger for your relay ACROSS the high beam ... method for car Automotive Driving Light wiring. PRODUCT: DUAL WATTAGE LED LIGHT BAR ... Comprehensive wiring harness ... Connect red wire from switch to high beam circuit 5. ... not work at all when high beam is on, or if the lights run ... that causes dull yellow beams. Headlight Super Looms. i put a set of spot lights (driving lamps) on my 03 l200 and i was wondering if anyone knows how to wire them to the main beam only. Use the existing high and low beam wires ... Failure to install a fuse or circuit breaker in this wire will create a safety and fire hazard in your new wiring! Wiring diagram for Spot lights on a Hilux. How to Install Spotlights on Your Vehicle. Hilux Surfing, Toyota Hilux Surf/Toyota 4 Runner, Information, Photographs, Workshop etc Planning Out ... Tuck up and secure the wiring. Spot lights - wiring diagram http://www.hilux4x4.co.za/wire_spotlights/index.php 3 of 5 2007/07/24 09:18 AM Pin 86 will be connected to the How do i wire spotlights to the main beam on a 2004 toyota hilux? Need to wire spotlight relay into 09 hilux usaly 1 go to earth 1 goto ... so you can isolate them from the high beam if ... have been busy. - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic